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Batajnica Airport

Batajnica Airport is the largest military airport in Serbia. The construction of the airport for the Yugoslav Air Force (JRV) began in 1948 and was completed in 1952.

It is located in the area between the Batajnica-Nova Pazova highway and Belgrade-Novi Sad highway, some 22 km away from Belgrade. The airport occupies an area of 770 hectares. At the airport there are two concrete runways and a grass runway. Four aprons are used for the parking and servicing of aircrafts. The following units are stationed at Batajnica airport:
- 204 air force brigade,
- 3 rocket brigade /2 rocket division /250.air defense rocket brigade
- 20.bVOJIN,
- Center for flight tests and sector for TOC aviation devices
- Department of Physiology air VMI,
- Training Center Air Force and Air Defense,
- Military Academy (Aviation Department), and
- Air Port Flight Control
The Institute "Moma Stanojlović" is located at the side of the fence.