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Current events

12th September 2012

The exhibition in Kraljevo:

As part of the celebration of 100 years of the Serbian Air Force, at the National Museum in Kraljevo, an exhibition entitled titled “100 years of Military Aviation of Serbia 1912-2012'' was opened today. The exhibition in the Yugoslav Air Force Museum was opened by the commander of the 98th Aviation Brigade, Colonel Alexander Bijelic.
The author of the exhibition is Predrag Lazetic, MA in arts, who with a number of exhibits, objects, documents and photographs, illustrated the history of our military aviation.

In Kraljevo, a city with rich aviation tradition, where since 1925 there existed two air craft factories which produced aircrafts type Brege and Dornier and which houses a military airport and aviation unit for more than fifty years, the exhibition has attracted great interest of citizens.

The exhibition, which displays the history of the Serbian military aviation Kraljevo citizens will be able to see until 24.09.2012, then it will be moved to Nis and Novi Sad and on 24 December, the Air Force Day, it will be presented in Belgrade. Photo>>


29th August 2012

Serbian air force's dress rehearsal for "Batajnica 2012" air show


Defence Minister Aleksandar Vucic and deputy CHOD Major General Milan Bjelica both attended today the dress rehearsal of the Serbian military aviation for the upcoming air show at Batajnica airport.

On this occasion, Minister Vucic said that the pilots are ready to show their knowledge and skills while obeying top security measures. More>>


12th and 13 June 2012

The Scientific Symposium "100 years of Serbian military aviation"

In the organization of the Air Force Command and the Strategic Research Institute, Defense Policy Sector of MoD, 12 and 13 June 2012. The Command of the Air Force will be held in Zemun International Scientific Symposium "100 years of Serbian military aviation."

The aim of the symposium is for the interested local and foreign authors - historians, engineers-designers, pilots, commanders, professors, technicians, aviation medicine doctors, journalists and other categories of persons competent in the field of military aviation, to shed light on specific segments from their perspective on periods and events from the rich history of the Serbian Air Force.


21st May 2012

Exhibition was opened:

An exhibition "CENTURY SERBIAN MILITARY AVIATION IN MINIATURE" was opened last night in the Airforce Museum on occasion of two important anniversaries for the institution - the Museum of Aviation Day and a century of Serbian military aviation.

The guests were greeted by the commander of Air Force Major General Ranko Zivak, Head of the Museum Predrag Grandic, curator Mirjana Novakovic and model maker Igor Cernisevski. More>>

From 21st May to 01st June 2012

The exhibition of aircraft models:

In the organization of Air Force Command and the Aviation Museum - Belgrade, an exhibition of aircraft model "A CENTENNIAL OF  SERBIAN AIR FORCE IN MINIATURE" will be held from May 21 to 01 June 2012 year, in the Museum of Aviation - Belgrade.

The exhibition includes:

- Airplanes from different periods of use, from the period when the Serbian aviation was established to the period of SAF air force
- Display of the most important aircraft through a series of posters
- Old photos

Models of airplanes, authentically painted and marked, provide the audience with a precise insight into the development and history of the Serbian military aviation over the last century. The works of model makers of Serbia exhibited in this exhibition, together with models of the museum's rich collection, are part of the contribution to fostering and preserving the memory of the pioneer days of our airmen.

Presenters: Serbian aircraft model makers

Technical organization of the exhibition: Belgrade club of model makers