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One Hundred Years of the Serbian military aviation

September 2st 2012.


The central event of the jubilee - 100 years of Serbian military aviation, international air show "Batajnica 2012" opened today at Batajnica air port.

Holiday flight brought together representatives of 16 countries, performing with 27 aircraft and more than 200 crew members, 11 of whom will display their skills against capital's skies, while five states now have only delegation. More>>



During 2012 the Serbian military aviation will mark with a number of significant activities a centennial of the aviation in Serbia, "One Hundred Years of the Serbian military aviation."

Certainly the most important activity will be a major international air show in Batajnica Airport on 2nd September. In addition to airplanes and helicopters of the Air Force of Serbia, other aviation organizations of the Republic of Serbia will present themselves in the flying and static part of the air show.


The participation of a number of aviations (countries with a highly respected aviation, as well as countries with whom we have established good bilateral military cooperation including the countries that took part in air show 2009 and countries that may present multi-purpose combat aircrafts which have been considered in program documents).


Air show 2012 will be organized by the Ministry of Defence.


The entrance is free for children up to 7 years old and for persons with disabilities !
For elementary school students who bring their school report cards entrance is free of charge!